Republic of Pie Key Lime and Ice Cream Lab’s Blue Velvet Are Best Desserts

I like pie. And with a name like the Republic of Pie the implication is their pie is so good it could be its own country. Walking in, I’m very impressed with the array of choices the Republic of Pie offers. In addition, the tranquil tone and open seating have a calming effect.

This slice of key lime has a deep yellow color with a whipped cream topping and comes on a drizzled plate. The key lime is rich and dense with a strong tart flavor. The fresh whipped cream is a bit too sweet and much too dense for an already dense pie.

This pie is tasty, but the tart flavor and overly sweet whipped cream are a bit much. It’s an inherent problem with this type of pie, but I would have preferred something that was a bit more refined. With the help of my friends, I did finish this piece, but it took a bit.

I had a great time at the Republic of Pie and enjoyed their coffee, pastries, quiche, and, yeah, even this piece of key lime, but I just can’t recommend it. It’s fine, but certainly not name-my-country-after-pie outstanding. That being said, I recommend everyone check out the Republic of Pie, and I myself will be back. After all, I do love pie.

Also, often times I don’t want to know the “process” behind the making of the desserts I love. If I were to see the sticks of butter and bags of sugar go into my favorite baked good, I would beguiled into a 5-mile run.

Then I visit Ice Cream Lab in Beverly Hills and am happy to see exactly how my ice cream is made. With a unique menu, I have a difficult time choosing my flavor, so I try most of them, but the Blue Velvet is my favorite.

This blue velvet ice cream takes a blue velvet cupcake (same as red velvet, just different food coloring), and mixes it directly in with the ice cream ingredients. It’s all put in an industrial Kitchen Aide and blasted with liquid nitrogen. Yes, that’s right; this ice cream is made with the stuff I played within chemistry class.

The cream cheese frosting from the cupcake is thick, while the chunks of the cake are light and give a welcomed fluffiness to the ice cream. The ice cream itself is rich and smooth, with just the right amount of sweetness to not overwhelm.

When ordering, I went with their small size, which is a very wise move, because this is an incredibly rich and filling dessert. However, when I finish I’m wholly satisfied and a bit refreshed as well. In addition, as the ice cream melted the cake soaked it up, and transformed the cake into a sweet sponge-like a treat.

Obviously, this is an establishment that caters to kids, but, in this rare instance, that makes me like it even more. If eating ice cream helps kids get more interested in science, I say bring it on! Ice Cream Lab is littered with fun little science jokes, like “don’t trust an atom, they make up everything”.

I can only imagine how my little 5-year-old brain would have exploded in a place like this. All that peoples being said, the most important question is if the ice cream is good? YES, and that’s why my recommendation is so easy. Not only was the Blue Velvet tasty, but so was the Salt Lick Crunch and Apple Pie.


The Vanilla-caramel Pear and Caramel Mousse Dessert Cake

Vanilla Biscuit 

5 egg yolks + 4 eggs

225g egg whites

25g sugar

140 flour T45

2g liquid vanilla

Beat the egg whites and tighten them with the sugar. Beat the yolks, eggs, and vanilla with a mixer. Add the flour. Pour onto a 40x30cm baking sheet covered with buttered baking paper. Bake at 230 ° C for 8 minutes in a preheated oven using traditional heat. Cut to 18cm. Soak with the pear syrup brought to the boil.

Gelled pear coulis

300g pears in syrup

20g sugar

2 gelatin sheets

1 pear in syrup, diced

Heat the pear purée and sugar. Add the hydrated gelatin. Mix well and add the pear cubes. Pour into an 18cm diameter circle and freeze.

Caramel mousse

112g sugar

250g liquid cream 30% fat

12g sugar + 4 egg yolks

3 gelatin sheets

25g water

75g sugar

50g egg whites

250g liquid cream 30% fat

Make a caramel with the 112g of sugar. Cook with the cream brought to the boil. Blanch the yolks with the 12g of sugar and cook with the caramel cream to 83 ° c-85 ° c. Off the heat, add the hydrated gelatin. Make an Italian meringue with the water, sugar, and egg whites. Whip the cream. Add them to the device and use it immediately. Freeze.

Caramel icing

330g liquid cream 30% fat

150g sugar

2 gelatin sheets

Make a caramel with the sugar and cook it with the cream. Bring to a boil again until the sugar dissolves. Off the heat, add the hydrated gelatin. Chinese and set aside stirring occasionally use at 30 ° c.

Vanilla sponge  

5 egg yolks + 4 eggs

225g / 7.9oz egg whites

25g / 0.8oz caster sugar

140g / 4.9oz wheat flour

2g / 0.07oz vanilla flavor

Preheat the oven to 230 ° c / 446 ° F / Gas 8. Beat the egg whites with the sugar until peaks form (meringue). Beat the egg yolks, the eggs, and the vanilla flavor, then add the flour. Fold into the meringue. Pour into a baking sheet covered with buttered baking parchment. Bake for 8 minutes. Soak the biscuit in the syrup brought to a boil.

Jellified pear mash

300g / 10.6oz pear halves in light syrup

20g / 0.7oz caster sugar

2 sheets of gelatin

1 pear in syrup cut indices

Heat the pear mash and the sugar. Add the hydrated gelatin. Mix well and add the pear dices. For into an 18cm / 7in ring mold and freeze.

Caramel mousse

112g / 4.4oz caster sugar

250g / 8.8oz whipping cream 30% fat

12g / 0.4oz caster sugar +  4 egg yolks

3 sheets of gelatin

25g / 0.8oz water

75g / 2.6oz caster sugar

50g / 1.8oz egg whites

250g / 8.8oz whipping cream 30% fat

Bring the cream to a boil. Make caramel and gradually add the cream. Bring to a boil again and cook until the sugar is completely melted. Beat the egg yolks with 12g / 0.4oz of sugar until fluffy, then cook with the caramel cream up to 83 ° c-85 ° c / 182 ° F. Set aside then add the hydrated gelatin. Make an Italian meringue with the egg whites, water, and sugar. Add to the mixture then add the whipped cream. Freeze.

Caramel glaze

330g / 11.6oz whipping cream 30% fat

150g / 5.3oz caster sugar

2 sheets of gelatin

Bring the cream to a boil. Make caramel and gradually add the cream. Bring to a boil and cook until the sugar is completely melted. Set aside, add the hydrated gelatin. Pass through a sieve then let it cool. Glaze at 30 ° c / 86 ° F.


The Best Strawberry Heart Cake Quick Dessert

The best today Quick and Easy Desserts will for you A beautiful cake for Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day, filled with a luscious cream and topped with strawberries. The amount is enough for a large heart shaped tin or a small heart shaped and a small loaf tin.


For the Cake:

Eggs : 3 Pieces
Sugar : 120 g
Sachet of vanilla sugar : 1 Piece
Flour : 60 g
Starch : 60 g
Grated zest : 1/2 Lemon

For the Light cream pastry:

Milk : 400 g
Sachet of vanilla sugar : 1 Piece
Egg yolks : 3 Pieces
Caster sugar : 80 g
Flour : 40 g
Liquid cream : 20 cl
Coffee Confectioners’ sugar : 2 tsp.

For the Packing and Decoration:

 Strawberries: 500 g
Strawberry jam : 1/2 jar
Topping for fresh fruit
Flaked almonds : 200 g



Whisk the eggs in a mixer with sugar for 10 minutes until the mixture whitens and triples in volume.

Add the lemon zest.

Stir in with a wooden spoon the sifted flour and starch.

Pour the dough into a greased heart-shaped or round pan 20 cm in diameter covered with baking paper.

Bake the cake at 160 ° C for about 40 minutes, the top should start to wrinkle and a needle inserted in the center of the cookie should come out clean and dry.

Remove from oven and wait 5 minutes before turning the cake on a grid and let it cool down.

Cut the cake into 2 disks of the same thickness.

Light pastry cream

Bring the milk to a boil.

With a whisk, work the egg yolks and the sugars until the mixture whitens and make a ribbon when the whisk is lifted.

Stir in flour

Pour the boiling milk while mixing.

Put everything in the pan and cook gently by turning very carefully.

Remove the cream from the heat when the pastry cream has the desired consistency and pour your cream into a container

Have a piece of butter on top of the pastry cream to prevent a skin forms.

Cool the pastry cream

Mount the cream whipped with 2 tbsp. coffee confectioners’ sugar.

Stir in whipped cream gently with a spatula, into the pastry cream.

Assembly of the cake

Make strawberry syrup by heating 2 tablespoons strawberry jam with 2 tablespoons of water and let it cool down.

Soak the first hard biscuit with half the strawberry syrup.

Then Spread the hard cookie with a thin layer of strawberry jam.

Cut strawberries into slices and place them on the layer of jam.

Then Spread a layer of pastry cream on 1 cm thick.

Soak strawberry syrup the second disc of biscuit and drop it onto the pastry cream.

Toast the sliced almonds.

Cover the cake with custard and secure the perimeter slivered almonds.

Place on top the rest of strawberries cut into strips.

Cover the strawberries and place the cake in the refrigerator for 3 hours minimum before serving.

Keep the strawberry cake in the refrigerator and maximum 24h.


Tickle Your Dessert Taste Buds With the Delicious Chocolate Strawberry Cupcakes

“Great things come in small packages” and there is no doubt about it. Sometimes it really makes me ponder what a cake is if I cannot have all of it at once. Have you heard of the yummy cupcakes that like the big cakes contain frostings, sprinkles and decorations?

The plus point of a cupcake is that it is a small-sized cake that I can comfortably consume in one go. Thus, my wish of having a cake completely comes true. This way I can sample and enjoy a host of flavors and varieties of cakes until my taste buds feel gratified.

Now if the cup cakes are packed with two most desirable food elements – chocolate and strawberry, then your taste buds are sure in for a treat. So, go ahead, try the following recipe of delicious chocolate and strawberry cupcakes and pleasure your taste buds.

For the cupcakes:
All-purpose flour – 1 ¼ cup
Soft butter – 1 cup
Dark chocolate (chopped to pieces) – ¾ cup
Strawberry jam – 2 cups
Castor sugar – 1 cup
Eggs (beaten) – 2 large
Cupcake tins and papers – 12 nos.

For the frosting:
Dark chocolate (chopped to pieces) – ¾ cup
Thick cream – ¾ cup


For the cupcakes:
Preheat oven at 180C.
In a double boiler soften the chocolate. Pull off the stove and to this add the butter. Mix well so that no lumps of chocolate or butter remain.
Now fold in the sugar and eggs. Mix well.
Next, add the strawberry jam and again stir well to get a smooth batter.
Now fold in the flour and mix well. The batter for cupcakes is ready.
In each tin place, the cupcake paper and spoon the batter into the paper until about 3/4th of the tin is full.
Bake these for about 20-25 minutes. Cool them for a few minutes.

For the frosting:

In a saucepan, bring the cream to a boil. Pull off the stove.
To this add the chocolate pieces and mix well until all of the chocolate melts.
Continue stirring this mixture until it gains a thick consistency.

Once the frosting is ready and the cupcakes have cooled down a bit, spoon the frosting on the cupcakes until the top of each cake is evenly covered in a thick layer of frosting.
Now go ahead and indulge yourself.


The Make Best Cooking is Crunchiest Croutons Ever

I’ve been cooking a lot more lately. I have a huge and brand new kitchen with wonderful appliances and friends who come over to watch Dexter and other things on Sunday evenings. This is great because it gives me an excuse to use them as my guinea pigs and experiment with new recipes or techniques or whatever.

In case you were wondering, no, I’m not a chef. I’m just some girl who likes to cook. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t, and I plan to let you know when it goes awry because I will need someone to laugh with me, and to offer suggestions for fixing the problems.

I have also started ordering from Good Eggs NOLA. All those good, fresh groceries have been keeping me inspired.

The first week with Good Eggs, I ordered a bag of everything bagels made by Sugar man’s and I got SO MANY BAGELS! They were delicious, but I wasn’t able to eat them all. Half of the lovely bagels went stale right there on the counter. I couldn’t bring myself to throw them away and I kept thinking about what I could do with them while the poor bagels grew ever staler.

Bread pudding

No, too much garlic. Breadcrumbs maybe we have been eating a lot of salads — what about croutons? Yes!

First, make sure your knife is sharp. I tried my old serrated bread knife, but this regular knife was sharper and more effective.

Depending on how stale your bagels (or other bread items) are, you will be able to break these up quickly, or, in my case, spend a large chunk of your afternoon whacking at your bagels. Eventually, I got the hang of it and started using the knife as a wedge in firewood.

The bagels shattered into nice pieces from that point on. REMEMBER SAFETY FIRST. Keep your fingers out of the way of your knife! Protect your eyes from flying sharp bits of bagel and seeds!

I used my knife like a wedge, shattering the bagels into little chunks, and arrived at this pretty bowl of nuggets.

Right about now, you should set your oven to 350 degrees, and let it heat up.

Here’s where the fun begins. You can put any little flavor your heart desires on your croutons. My bagels already had garlic, so of course, I added more garlic. I also like pepper, Cavender’s, Tony Chachere’s, and other things. Pick whatever flavors you like with your salad (or for snacking) and go to town! Do yourself a favor, though, and TASTE IT.

Basic Croutons:

Bowl of bread pieces
1/2 Cup Olive Oil
1 Tbsp Granulated Garlic
1 Tbsp Cracked Pepper
1 Tsp Cracked Sea Salt

Whisk all the ingredients together,

then pour over your bread pieces,

and toss until all pieces are coated.

Once the pieces are all good and coated, spread them evenly on a big cookie sheet.

Pop the cookie sheet into your hot oven (you pre-heated, right???)For 15 to 20 minutes, and let them brown. Turn them over about halfway through so you don’t have uneven color and texture.

I’ll be honest, I’m just getting used to my oven, so mine got a little browner than I’d have liked.

No matter, they are really crunchy and taste great

From this basic recipe, add whatever you like, more garlic, less pepper, some red pepper flakes, more salt, snipped rosemary, whatever! For the record, I tend to add a lot more of everything, and I sprinkle the salt on when I finish so the crystals don’t fully dissolve in the oil.

Whatever bread you use, if you find a half cup doesn’t coat or saturate your bread as well as you would like, sprinkle on a little more, but remember that some of the oil will escape your bread and end up on the cookie sheet.

Y’all have fun and let me know how yours turn out


The Best Enjoyment With Cooking Dinner Tonight and Tomorrow

So as I sit here watching tv I am planning dinner for tomorrow and tonight.  Believe it or not, I do feel a sense of peace when o have not planned and do not have to make a stop at the grocery store. I try my best to shop for and plan meals for the week on my off days. During the holidays our local bulk store was selling king crab legs for a reasonable price I put in the freezer in zip lock bags till now.

Tomorrow I will steam in a large pot with a rack on the bottom for five minutes.  For the side, I take a package of frozen corn and thaw.  I a large skillet with 3 tbsp oh butter I sauteed the corn salt and pepper to taste.  When the corn is golden brown mot dark brown I add half a cup of shredded gouda cheese.  Delicious!  Add some crusty bread and done.

My son and daughter love Avacado tonight and tomorrow I am making grilled chicken with rice and beans and mango pineapple avocado salsa. I buy boneless chicken breasts in bulk. It has gotten pretty expensive in the supermarket.

I slice the breast as thin as I can. I mix tsp each of onion powder garlic powder paprika and salt. Add 1/2 tsp of black pepper and season breast. About 3 breasts grill until done. I a bowl add 1 avocado diced into about 1/2 inch pieces.

Take half a lemon and squeeze juice over the avocado. This will keep it from turning brown.  Cut one mango into half-inch pieces and half a pineapple.  Canned pineapple in its own juice also works.  I cook half a jalapeño pepper and add to the bowl.  Add half tsp salt and quarter tsp of cilantro. Refrigerate for an hour. For the rice, I cook the four serving’s amount on whatever rice you prefer white or brown.

I love minute rice.  I crisp up 3 slices of any brand bacon in a cast-iron skillet. I but the slices into the quarter in pieces remove when crisp and leave the fat in the pan add 1 small minced onion and cook until soft. Add 2 tbsp of cumin and 2 tbsp of butter.  Add 1 can of rinsed canned pinto bean beans and cook on low flame till warmed through. Salt and 0eeper to taste add rice and mix.  Enjoy


You Can Cook Mini Pizzas and Healthy Pancake

Snow day!!!  Do not know why but at our house snowstorms are an excuse to eat. And eat. For. lunch its mini pizzas.  I bought a store-made pizza dough. Remove from package and place in a large bowl coated with olive oil. This will allow the dough to become puffy and create a nice light crust.

Roll dough out to desired thickness. We like thin crust so about 1/8, the inch thickness. I then use a biscuit cutter or a glass with about a 3 to 4-inch diameter.  Place on a baking sheet coated with olive oil. Light coating.  Add a tsp of marinara sauce to each circle. Add 1 tbsp of grated mozzarella and a 1/4 tsp pares a to each round. Bake in preheated 400-degree oven for 10 minutes or until golden brown and bubbly.

My daughter is the health nut in our home. So I made these for her this morning. And she loved them.  Mix 1 cup.   whole wheat flour with 1/4 tsp salt and 1/2 tsp.     baking soda. Add 1 tbsp sugar and whisk together in another bowl mix together 1 cup low-fat almond milk. 2 eggs. Tsp vanilla and 1/2 cup ricotta cheese. (I put the a.blender and puree till smooth I prefer the texture)       add to dry ingredients and mix until combined. Add 1/2 cup blueberries.

Frozen works also.  Drop by 1/4 cup measures into a heated nonstick skillet coated with cooking spray and cook until brown. These pancakes take a little longer to cook than regular pancakes.  Serve with desired toppings.

I liked to microwave 1 cup of any type berries with 1 tbsp honey microwave for 1 minute on high rate cheese Add to dry ingredient stir to combine. Stir in 1 cup of blueberries. Frozen works also Heat a nonstick skillet with cooking spray. Add batter to the pan and cook until brown on each side. Use about 1/4 cup of batter for each pancake

So today is busy. Need a quick dinner. Spent the morning traffic court with my daughter. Had to thank her for the experience!!!!!!  So tonight meatballs of course son just told me he hates spaghetti and my daughter will not eat tomato sauce.  So rotini it is.  For my daughter, I take a cup of the cooked pasta add 1 tbsp of butter, and 1 tbsp olive oil. Mix together with 2 tbsp grated parmesan.

Make sure pasta is still hot when the cheese is added.  For the tomato sauce, I use a jar of sauce that tastes go9d and is on sale!   For the meatballs, I use 1/2 pound each of ground pork and beef.  I take left9ver bread any that I have. White Italian etc.   I store leftover not so fresh bread in the freezer and use for the crumbs.

About 1/2 cup.  Mix with 1 small grated onion. 1 egg. 2 cloves chopped garlic 1 tbsp fresh oregano or 1/2 tsp dried. 1 tbsp of dried parsley or 2 tbsp of fresh.  1/2 cup grated parmesan. 1/2 tsp pepper and 1 tsp salt.  Mix well then add meat and mix lightly to combine.  Don’t overmix. Meatballs will be tough. I preheated the oven to 350 shape meatballs. About the size of a ping pong ball.

Place on a baking sheet sprayed with nonstick spray and cook until brown about 30 minutes.   Remove meatballs with a slotted spoon and place in a large pot with one 32 ounce jar or preferred sauce. Cook on very low heat on the stove until cooked through. About 30 minutes.  Serve with any pasta and a nice loaf of bread


You Should Cook Risotto Ham and Peas

Risotto with ham and peas: a sprint recipe!

Yes, because it is really a simple recipe, and also very quick to prepare.
What I like to do, in fact, is to offer recipes for delicious and tasty dishes that can be made ​​quickly and without too much effort.
I will never get tired to repeat, however, that the easier the dish the best the quality of the ingredients to use.

When ingredients are few and the dish is simple, without sauces, the flavor of the individual ingredients is exalted and only a great quality product can guarantee a winning result.

This risotto, which is prepared in twenty minutes including cooking time, provides only rice, peas, onion, ham, and Parmesan cheese, but the result is a dish of great taste that has convinced everyone in my family.
Try it!

Preparation time: 5 minutes
Cooking time: 15 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Cost: economic

Ingredients for 4 people:

400 grams (14.11) of Arborio rice
1 spring onion
250 grams (8.82) of peas already shelled (or frozen)
100 grams (3.53) of cooked ham
50 grams (1.76) of parmesan cheese
1 glass of dry white wine
600 ml (21.16) of beef broth
5 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
salt as required


Clean the spring onion and cut it into thin slices: I‘m as lucky as to have at hand red spring onions, Trope type, freshly harvest from the field, and I guarantee you that the aroma and flavor are truly outstanding.
Heat the oil in the saucepan where you will cook the rice. Sauté the onion until it’s withered and then simmer with the white wine until reduced.
Add the peas and let them cook with the onion to gain taste, then add the rice and toast along with the vegetables.
Pour the hot broth onto the rice, to cover it up, stir and cook on low heat, and leaded pot.
Stir every once and a couple of minutes before the rice is cooked (check the cooking time recommended on the package of your rice), add the grated Parmesan cheese and the ham, cooking until creamy but with the heat off.
Let stand a few minutes and serve.


The College of Bread and Cooking Arts for All Students

If you are seeking a job in making a few of the finest foods, compared to you can begin to check into going to college for cookeries. One of the specialized that you could begin to relocate into is ending up being a pastry cook. Discovering the very best bread cook golf courses in order to enhance your occupation as a cook is your primary step towards placing the appropriate topping on every cake.

When you begin to look into the bread chef golf courses that are provided, you will generally find golf courses and also classes that are based on the field of expertise of making the finest in desserts. This will certainly begin with programs in things such as sweet production and also delicious chocolate sculpture, permitting you to place the side treats on the table with the various mixes that you have the ability to discover.

You will additionally be able to discover points such as global dishes for sweets, such as tarts, pies, toppings, and cakes. The next set of courses that you will be able to stimulate when you are researching bread is the ability to move right into cooking abilities with bread.

Due to the fact that there are many various sorts of pastries, you will have the capability to discover the best ways to make the textures and methods for making the most effective dough. With this, you will certainly have the ability to find out the best ways to bake quick bread, cakes, and cookies with the various dishes available, allowing you to make the most out of every dessert.

Among these programs, there will additionally be the capability to find out ways to work within the industry of cookeries. This will begin with things such as the discussion of bread and also will certainly relocate into the concepts and also strategies that are one of the most crucial.

Yet, the golf courses will move right into methods to do factors such as screen masterpieces and how you can take care of the dishes that you serve. There will certainly also be the capacity to move right into areas such as how you can successfully cater and also aid with complete administration with food.

If you are trying to find various programs, you could select from a wide variety, all of which will certainly supply these various sets of classes at different levels of ending up being a cook. You can find a selection of cook colleges that are made in order to assist you to become a pastry specialist as well as can likewise check into the different grounds of food strategy via on-line classes offered.

If you have an interest in relocating to an institute, you could consider larger schools, such as Le Cordon Bleu, all of which will provide various touch to making pastries. If you wish to place the treat on the most effective table, compared to beginning with taking pastry cook courses is the first plate to put down.

By taking the different programs and examining just what is offered, you will have the ability to make desserts that are mixed with each other to totally indulge in. Recognizing exactly what kinds of training courses are offered as well as recognizing where to locate them will certainly supply you with the very best in pastries.


Buy Coffee to Use in Your Cafeteria

When you buy coffee, make sure you buy a blend that is suitable for your choice of brewing method. If you are using a cafeteria, follow these easy tips on how to make the tastiest culpa:

The first thing to do is to put a bit of hot water into your empty cafeteria to warm it up, this will help your final cup of coffee stay warmer for longer.

Next, boil some water and then leave it a minute or two to slightly cool off before pouring it into your cafeteria.

If you are using freshly ground coffee beans, your best option would be to buy coffee beans and grind them yourself just before use. The benefit of doing this over using ready ground beans is that the fresher they are, the better quality the coffee will be with a noticeable difference when it comes to aroma and flavor.

Many believe finer ground beans to be stronger in taste, allowing you to adjust your flavor by simply adjusting the grind size of your coffee.

One can also purchase blends that are specially prepared to use in a cafeteria. Douse Egbert’s Medium Ground Coffee is perfect for this brewing method with its medium roasted beans for a full, smooth flavor.

It is recommended that one uses at least 2 heaped dessertspoonful of coffee per mug; however, this amount can be adjusted to suit your individual taste.

Once you’ve placed your coffee into your cafeteria, wet it slightly before pouring in the rest of the water and give it a stir. Place your plunge on the lid of your cafeteria to keep in the heat before finally, after a few minutes, pressing it down slowly.

Finally, you can pour your coffee into a mug and add any of your other preferred accompaniments such as milk, sugar, or cream. You can then sit back and enjoy your drink, perfectly prepared, just the way you like it.

If you would like to buy coffee to use in your cafeteria, visit the Coffee buyer website. They are the UK’s leading coffee wholesaler with a vast choice of high-quality flavors including ground coffee for your cafeteria, coffee beans, instant coffee, and much more. Coffee buyer also offers a wide variety of other wholesale coffee-related products online at affordable prices.