How Do I Get the Plastic Cutting Boards Back to White for Kitchen


I want to get rid of the discoloration of food from my standard plastic cutting boards for the kitchen – a few spots (from carrots, peppers, etc.) are very stubborn. I tried both baking soda and vinegar and soak in Napisan, but neither really made any significant results. Any advice

I had this saved on my bookmarks. I always use bleach (number 2). Never had any problems and looks brand new.

Several things to try

Clorox Clean-Up with Bleach – Spray and leave overnight

Tablets for cleaning dentures with a stain remover – dissolve in hot water and soak overnight on board in it.

Biological stain/washing powder – use cold water while the hot water will destroy the enzymes.

Once you have a brand new white coat, the board of a thin layer of cooking oil – will prevent stains from penetrating the next time. You will need to re-apply oil every time you wash the board.

You know what I have not tried to do it with a cutting board, but I have my plastic bowls microwave and spaghetti with chili several times. And it worked the first time and repeatedly thereafter.

I had to wash the bowls in the dishwater with a little bleach and let it dry outside in the sun. Regarded as if nothing had touched them try it and let me know. I wanted, I would have thought at work some time ago. You worked with the bowls.

OK, this is what I do and it’s like a new surface when I do I get a little sandpaper and sand with sponge sand sold to the local hardware store. The rinse water adds a little bleach. Sanding is also responsible for all the cuts that can be modeled in them.

Soak the bleach on the stains, wash, and rinse and let dry. Make sure no bleach odor remains after drying – if so, just wash it again. Buy Bamboo is the next time is easier on your knives and the environment!

You can use bleach, but it may leave odor bleach for food. It is best to discard and buy a new one. Soak in bleach. Works for me.

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