Which Profession Drinks the Most Coffee


Not many days go by when something doesn’t happen at work that sends us running to the nearest coffee machine or kettle for a quick caffeine fix. But with some jobs more stressful than others, some of us are bound to need a strong culpa a bit more than most.

Here’s a quick look at which professions are responsible for the most caffeine consumption:

At the top of the list are medical practitioners with nurses and physicians ranking highest in their field. This however makes complete sense when you think about not only the stressful aspects of their jobs but also the long, demanding hours they are faced with every day. So in all fairness, their working environment would have most of us reaching for the nearest and strongest cup of coffee too!

Hotel workers take the second spot which also comes as no surprise with the long hours, night shifts, and challenging clientele. Designers and architects are at numbers three and four – perhaps the caffeine gets their creative juices flowing to help them get through their many hours in front of the computer and design board.

At number five and six it’s finance and insurance professionals (no explanation necessary!) and at number seven, food industry workers and engineers, whilst teachers aren’t far behind at number eight.

Nine and ten go-to marketing and PR professionals, and scientists and machine operators.

Overall office-based jobs have a higher coffee intake when compared to manual labor occupations. This is probably down to desk jobs having a more “coffee friendly” environment that allows one to sit and enjoy endless cups from behind a computer at their desk.

When it comes to distinguishing who are the bigger coffee consumers between men and women, it is the ladies who have adapted more to the social aspects of the infamous “coffee culture” and who are in fact the bigger coffee drinkers.

If we were looking to break it down on a global scale, whilst us English may be more partial to our tea it is the Finnish who have a refined palate for top quality coffee beans and consume the most coffee per capita.

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