You Should Stop Drinking One to One Therapy


Alcohol Treatment: Personal support for your unique problem:

Some people are good at talking, and do it a lot. Some people don’t like to talk too much but it can be helpful for everyone. It’s worth making an effort to talk through what’s going on for you with someone you trust. Good things that can come from talking about why you need to stop drinking alcohol are:

It will help you sort through your thoughts and clarify whatever is going on for you with your alcohol addiction. While all your stuff is internal, it’s hard to see how it really works. Once you’ve had to say it out loud to a stop drinking therapist, it gets easier to get hold of.

If you just worry about your drink problem without talking to someone about it, problems probably start to seem worse and bigger than they are. Talking will cut them down to size.

Someone who’s not involved in whatever’s bothering you and preventing you from actually quitting alcohol might suggest options you haven’t thought of.

Talking is like a pressure valve for your head. It is likely you have been worrying about taking the next step to stop drinking for a while. Talking with Craig about your unique issues will help release that pressure.

There are many reasons why people who are struggling to control their drinking seek personal one to one alcohol treatment options… Some people are so adamant that this time what they try to stop drinking absolutely must work and they want the very best solution available. Others find the process is easier if they have someone to talk to, but want to deal with the problem privately without burdening their friends and family.

Whatever your reason for considering private alcohol treatment, through this website you can book telephone therapy time with bestselling ‘stop drinking’ author Craig Beck.

Back when I was a drinker for the longest time I was convinced that I couldn’t stop drinking because my use of alcohol was different from everyone else. I believed that was I was doing was entirely logical, but at the same time, I also thought that all other people using alcohol as a drug should stop as soon as possible.

Alcohol not only lies to us but it turns us into shameless hypocrites. In your telephone sessions with me, I will ask you to explain exactly why you think you are trapped in the alcohol cycle. I will help you understand the true reality of what you are doing, and gently guide you out of the trap.

Telephone sessions are arranged by email at a time convenient to you. It is best to arrange these when you can be totally alone and sure that you will not be interrupted or overheard.

Membership to the online area is recommended as Craig will make reference to several supplementary elements available to download free of charge from within the member’s area. Membership is only $29 and you will receive a 20% discount off any telephone alcohol treatment sessions as a thank you for joining.

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