The Reasons to Make Your Own Dog Food Recipe


As I am sure, you can remember back in the last year when many the pets became severely ill and others died even though a mass recall of pet food was done.

The problem was because of pet food that was produced in China being contaminated with melamine. This led to many owners becoming more aware of such problems. The solution is to follow homemade dog food recipes.

Another reason to consider homemade dog food recipes to ensure your pet is as healthy as possible. Commercial dog foods can contain preservatives that are altered by chemical processes, which can be unhealthy for dogs.

The main problem with most commercial kibble food is that they contain too much low-quality protein that contains a high quantity of ammonia producing agents. Homemade dog food can be healthier than the store-bought variety when it is made correctly, but make sure to consult a veterinarian’s supervision as you go forward and make your own dog food.

These days most of us are interested in saving money any way we can do so. The cost of dog food is ridiculous. If you own several pets or one with a huge appetite, it can be a strain to feed them quality foods due to the cost.

When you make homemade dog food though you can be sure they get the quality nutrition that they need. For the quality, you can do so at a much lower cost. You will find it also does not take that much time for you to make enough to feed them all week long.

There is some evidence that when you create you make your own dog food because it is free from preservatives and other chemicals that your dog will live longer. This is especially true if your dog has allergies or other ailments.

While I couldn’t find any specific evidence to this fact, it makes sense to me that by preventing your dog from eating preservatives and other chemicals that your dog will live a longer and more enjoyable life.

I think that this one is such a great reason to make your own dog food and that your dog will be happier. Don’t you feel better when you’re eating healthy and doesn’t that in turn make you feel happier? I know it does for me. I think that it translates directly to your dog too.

When your dog is eating food that you made, knowing that only good quality ingredients are in the recipe, your dog is going to be healthy and therefore happier. You’ll see it on your dog’s demeanor and in their actions towards you and the rest of your family. Yes using homemade dog food recipes can definitely make your dog happier.

These are just some reasons that I believe that making your own dog food will pay huge dividends over your dog’s life when you make your own dog food.

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