The Best Healthy Food With High-protein and Home-made Ferrero Roche Bites


I wish I had something clever and fun to share on this thinking that is just half as amazing and interesting as the taste of these home-made nut-bites that will explode in awesomeness in your mouth. I was actually so clue-less I even thought about telling you something so boring as how excited I am about starting university after summer.

I have been out of the hamster-wheeling school-life for two years now and while some people would argue and say that I wasted precious time and I will be a trillion years old when I graduate and finally get “a real job” I actually tend to think I have learned more about life, myself and society the last two years being out in the real world than I most likely ever would have discovered had I had my face planted in books in a library in business school.

I am not saying I wouldn’t enjoy school and that going to school is pure evil for your self-development – I am super excited about getting back to the books (disclaimer: when the time for finals comes around in winter I have never made this statement).

But had you asked me when I graduated from the Danish gymnasium two years ago I would say that I would go to business school, study international business development and become a hotshot in some big firms to make loads of cash so everyone could be jealous of me.

My perfect job, my perfect apartment in the city, my perfect body, and my perfect resume. I would probably have a perfect boyfriend too. Ryan Gosling would totally be into a hotshot businesswoman, right?

My idea of attending school back then would not have been to become smarter and learn more so I could DO better and change things for the better but simply it was about making my life look good.

If I got into university and got the hottest degree and met the right people who could make MY life all “on a yacht sipping pina Coladas like it’s no big deal living the dream”-cozy then that was cool.

I didn’t think about what I would do or why I would do it. The purpose is probably the word I am looking for. I definitely needed some purpose.

Speaking of purpose, the recipe for this healthy-fried Ferrero Roche bites needs to go out to you, your mom, and your friends and who-ever else like nuts and chocolate!

The idea came up after I made my Fudgy Nutella Balls because I believe that you can always improve. Something that seems perfectly great could go be even better if you think creatively or out of the box. Or in my case: in the box – a Ferrero Roche box that is, as these bites are inspired from something so deliciously naughty as a nut and cream-filled chocolate ball, which will do no good for the earth or your body.

So here is a recipe for something healthy, tasty, high-protein, dairy-free, and (almost) completely refined sugar-free that you can serve for anyone with a sweet tooth. Except for those who are allergic to nuts of course I really feel sorry for those guys.

Oh before you dig into these and think that they will taste exactly like the real deal please stop being ignorant. The ingredients are totally different and the consistency of the dough is not as fudgy and they don’t have that floating center of chocolate-cream. But they are still good. If not even great plus vegan and healthy so you will win in the long run. Go figure.

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