Republic of Pie Key Lime and Ice Cream Lab’s Blue Velvet Are Best Desserts


I like pie. And with a name like the Republic of Pie the implication is their pie is so good it could be its own country. Walking in, I’m very impressed with the array of choices the Republic of Pie offers. In addition, the tranquil tone and open seating have a calming effect.

This slice of key lime has a deep yellow color with a whipped cream topping and comes on a drizzled plate. The key lime is rich and dense with a strong tart flavor. The fresh whipped cream is a bit too sweet and much too dense for an already dense pie.

This pie is tasty, but the tart flavor and overly sweet whipped cream are a bit much. It’s an inherent problem with this type of pie, but I would have preferred something that was a bit more refined. With the help of my friends, I did finish this piece, but it took a bit.

I had a great time at the Republic of Pie and enjoyed their coffee, pastries, quiche, and, yeah, even this piece of key lime, but I just can’t recommend it. It’s fine, but certainly not name-my-country-after-pie outstanding. That being said, I recommend everyone check out the Republic of Pie, and I myself will be back. After all, I do love pie.

Also, often times I don’t want to know the “process” behind the making of the desserts I love. If I were to see the sticks of butter and bags of sugar go into my favorite baked good, I would beguiled into a 5-mile run.

Then I visit Ice Cream Lab in Beverly Hills and am happy to see exactly how my ice cream is made. With a unique menu, I have a difficult time choosing my flavor, so I try most of them, but the Blue Velvet is my favorite.

This blue velvet ice cream takes a blue velvet cupcake (same as red velvet, just different food coloring), and mixes it directly in with the ice cream ingredients. It’s all put in an industrial Kitchen Aide and blasted with liquid nitrogen. Yes, that’s right; this ice cream is made with the stuff I played within chemistry class.

The cream cheese frosting from the cupcake is thick, while the chunks of the cake are light and give a welcomed fluffiness to the ice cream. The ice cream itself is rich and smooth, with just the right amount of sweetness to not overwhelm.

When ordering, I went with their small size, which is a very wise move, because this is an incredibly rich and filling dessert. However, when I finish I’m wholly satisfied and a bit refreshed as well. In addition, as the ice cream melted the cake soaked it up, and transformed the cake into a sweet sponge-like a treat.

Obviously, this is an establishment that caters to kids, but, in this rare instance, that makes me like it even more. If eating ice cream helps kids get more interested in science, I say bring it on! Ice Cream Lab is littered with fun little science jokes, like “don’t trust an atom, they make up everything”.

I can only imagine how my little 5-year-old brain would have exploded in a place like this. All that peoples being said, the most important question is if the ice cream is good? YES, and that’s why my recommendation is so easy. Not only was the Blue Velvet tasty, but so was the Salt Lick Crunch and Apple Pie.

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