Meal Prep Services For People With Special Conditions


Preparing a meal could be troublesome if you have a disability or a special condition. However, hiring someone else to do it could also be expensive. What would you do? 

If you don’t already know, the NDIS can provide you with meal preparation services along with deliveries.

The NDIS will cover the expense for the delivery and the preparation, but you will have to pay for the ingredients. This does not mean, however, that they would give you a complete list of ingredients. Depending on your service provider, the percentage of what you pay will vary, but it is usually around 70% payable by your NDIS funds — this is what they typically call “co-payment.”

The first is using your core funding. You can use those to cover the meal preparation and delivery cost—except for the Transport Funds. However, the cost of the ingredients is still yours to pay for since they consider those as “everyday expenses.” 

If you use this method and are plan-managed or self-managed, you have more choices for which service provider you want. That is because, unlike the Agency Managed, you can choose unregistered providers, an example of which is YouFoodz and the restaurants on delivery services such as UberEats. However, it is worth knowing that the added freedom also comes with the chance of paying for more since they aren’t indirectly affiliated with the NDIS.  

The second and last is having a specified budget for this purpose in your plan. A member can request a meal preparation plan from the NDIS under category 1. With a specified budget, you no longer need to take from your core budget. This is a superb option if you plan to have scheduled meals since you can avoid the need to reimburse the meal plan every time. The NDIS can provide you with a set number of meals from a provider regularly. However, this option comes with a caveat. You will need to give the NDIA with the following documents.

A quote from the meal provider told the NDIS how many meals you all be receiving throughout your plan.

Evidence that will help the NDIS prove that giving you further funding for your meal plan is necessary and reasonable. This could be anything like a note from your therapist explaining why you cannot prepare meals for yourself or photos of why you are not able to cook.

Now, because the meals would be from a single provider, you must choose a menu that will be enjoyable for you throughout your plan. The NDIS will provide you with a list of service providers from which you can choose. 

They also stated in category one that they entitle you to request a support worker. Said support worker would help you cook at home and build or rebuild your skills in the kitchen.

If you’re interested to know about the reach of your NDIS plan regarding meal prep services, speak to your plan manager or contact an NDIS support coordinator near you.

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