What’s A Burger Best Friend? Is It Chips, Beer, Or Something Else?


A burger with juicy patty and fresh buns with veggies, mayo, and cheese slice. Sounds delicious right? The smell of the fresh chicken patty or veg patty and the buns’ crispiness and the rich flavor of burger cheese will make your mood light up in just seconds. 

A burger is also known as the king of fast food as it’s one of the most popular and demanding food items in every fast food restaurant. With the increase in a burger trend, many famous fast-food companies like McDonald’s, The burger kings, and others have come up with varieties of the burger like a cheeseburger, Zinger burger, Grilled Burger, and many more.

But although there are various types of burgers, French fries are always on top when it comes to sides. For most people, a burger without French fries is hard to imagine as it’s the burger’s best side. Are these two really inseparable? Isn’t there any other side that we can enjoy with a burger?

Well, let’s find out some exciting side dish that goes well with the burger. 

Cheese Curd

We all know a burger without a side is always incomplete. So, to make it complete, you don’t always have to order the fries.

Cheese curd is one the delicious side that goes well with the burger. And it’s also a healthier alternative to fries. Instead of eating fires with lots of carbs, I always prefer eating cheese curds.  They are low in calories and also have lots of health benefits. Cheese curds are rich in calcium and protein; it improves digestion and even helps in weight loss. 

If you want to make your burger healthy and try something new, don’t forget to try out cheese curds.

Burger with a Milkshake 

Things that go well with a juicy burger is extra cheese, classic toppings and a gigantic creamy milkshake. 

Burgers and shakes can be the best combo for summer; you can have a great meal and refreshing dish. Delicious chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, or any kind of milkshake is a great side dish for the burger to make it ultimate comfort food.

Burger with side salads

Salads are with no doubt a healthy dish which is preferred by every health-conscious person. For me, the best salad that makes a perfect pair with a burger is coleslaw salad. 

It is kind of a cold salad which is made up of shredded veggies like carrot, capsicum, cabbage, and much more mixed with cold curd and cream. With this side dish, the taste of the burger gets creamier and more flavourful. If we talk about cheeseburgers, this is one of the best choices you have as a side dish. 

So here are the side dishes you can have with burgers. Try them and experience the taste and rich flavors and then decide which one is best according to you. 

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