The Best Meatball and Super bowl Recipes


Meatballs have to be one most popular types of food throughout any culture. All cultures have a special meatball recipe. Some include lamb, veal, beef, port while I have seen others that even have fish balls (that is for another day.)

I have to say the most popular meatball recipe that I have come across came from a friend of mine who found recipes that is out of this world. He said he found them and they were easy to make and just melt in your mouth.

The meatball recipe he was referring to was Chris’s Super bowl Meatballs. This recipe made a great bbq flavored meatball that had layered flavors made in a slow cooker. Onion, bbq sauce, and teriyaki were ll in this recipe. I am telling you it was great.

I tried them and let me tell you they did not disappoint. Take the time and try these meatballs as this is one of the best-layered flavors I have seen in the meatball recipe in a long time.

Also, it is the Christmas Season and everyone is going to Holiday parties and drinking egg nog.  But all of you party planners out there don’t forget the hot wings. They go great this time of year.

Especially this time of year when It is cold, wet, and dreary outside there is nothing like a hot and spicy chicken wing to warm you right up. The white tender chicken meat coupled with rich, hot, and spicy sauce makes this the perfect appetizer to serve at your Christmas party.

To top it off nowadays you don’t have to get fancy all you have to do is go to the local warehouse store and they have spicy wings, teriyaki wings, and standard buffalo wings ready to go. All you have to do is pick up a bag of these delectable chicken wings and you are set. All that needs to be done is to heat them in the microwave or conventional oven and they ready in a jiffy.

Within a couple of minutes, you have a popular appetizer that everyone will love. So remember when planning your Christmas party or your holiday work party that chicken wings add the necessary paw to make your party great.

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