The Best Healthy Food is Banana-nut-cinnamon-protein-porridge


I kind of promised that the recipe for the pancakes I made the other day would be next on the list to be posted but as it is nowhere near being an actual recipe perfected for your use I have decided to keep that waiting for a bit.

Instead, I have decided to share the “How to make porridge not taste like boring poop”-recipe. It still looks a bit like poop though. Poop is such a weird word. I actually thought about writing “how to make porridge not taste like boring shit” but it came to my attention that I have sworn more on my blog-posts than I might do in real-life.

It could be that I am subconsciously using this blog as my outlet for swearing. Which is probably not a good thing as swearing-in writing will stay there for eternity. So I’ll stick to poop. Non-poop porridge. Poop-looking porridge. Poop-looking but non-poop-tasting porridge. I need to stop saying poop now. Poop.

So Denmark is super sunshiny these days and I love that it is getting warm out, I can wear a dress and freshen up the white-girl look with a little D-vitamin-sucking aka laying-in-the-sun-and-getting-a-tan.

I have also been starting to do more cardio-workouts mostly because outdoor walks or runs are amazing in the gardens of Copenhagen this time a year and getting that fresh air into your lungs from the morning is such an indescribably amazing feeling.

However, I would be lying if I didn’t say that I also do it in order to stay comfortably fit. I actually feel fairly fit most of the time now but I do get the occasional “OMG-crazy-girl”-thought of not feeling as though my body is completely bikini-ready.

Anyone else feels like that? I am no-wear near as obsessed about my body and its looks as I used to be but I just like to make sure that my clothes fit nicely, I am healthy on the inside, and that I feel good in my body. It is important for me to put emphasis on feel in this matter as looking good and feeling good is not necessarily the same thing. Please, let me elaborate on that:

It is from last summer 2013 and if I may say so myself (and I may since it’s my blog and I can say whatever I want; like poop) I was looking pretty damn good. However, I was not feeling good. I was pushing myself way too hard in the gym, with my diet and on morning-runs so that I could be “bikini-body”-ready.

I was obsessing over minor things on my body, I didn’t engage in anything other than myself and my own looks and as this picture was taken I was nowhere near satisfied with how I looked– I was definitely not feeling good.

It is from 3 weeks ago after I had a killer session in the gym where I was just feeling high on life, strong, and ready to conquer the day, not because I was celebrating all the burned calories but because I just pushed myself to the absolute limit. Though I did take a selfie, I didn’t have the urge to take a half-naked one solely to study my flaws. I just FELT strong, independent, and awesome. I feel good.

If I compare my body to how it looked last summer to now I would probably be sad and angry. However, if I compare my life, my mind, and my future plans in life and how I feel it is so much better now. No, I don’t feel comfortable in my body all the time.

But I feel comfortable in it most of the time. And I will take that feeling any day over being a self-obsessed skinny bitch. I wish I could find a word that is not a swear-word to replace with bitch. But the girl just doesn’t cut it. Sorry, mom.

Enough about my body and how it looks and on to what I put it in especially after a good workout Porridge is in itself boring, blunt, and not very tasteful. But if you make it all vanilla-protein-banana-peanut-butter-cinnamon-chunky you will realize it might be worth another shot. It will keep you full and satisfied for hours. I make my portions large. If you can’t handle the heat you might want to reduce the number of oats.

75 gr. oats

300 ml. (1 ½ cup) water

Pinch of salt

80 gr. ripe banana (approx. 1 small/medium)

30 gr. vanilla rice protein from Body lab

2 tsp cinnamon

1 large tsp peanut-butter

1 tsp vanilla extract (optional)

Place the oats in a small pan. Add the cold water and a pinch of salt and place on stove on high/medium heat. While it starts to warm up mash your banana with a fork in a small bowl so it gets all creamy/saucy.

Now your oats are starting to boil stir around with a spoon. When they are creamy and porridge, turn off the heat and add in your protein powder, cinnamon, mashed banana, peanut butter, and vanilla extract.

Stir it all around and around and around and let it sit for a minute before you pour it into a bowl. Add toppings like almonds, berries, other fruit, shredded coconut or cacao-nibs, and finish off with soaking it in almond or coconut milk. Adding toppings will make it look less poopy, so you definitely want to add toppings. Enjoy

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