How to Increase Sales in Your Coffee Shop


The country is slowly coming back from the economic crisis, however, the high street hasn’t fully bounced back yet, so if you want to be able to attract paying customers and keep boosting your coffee shop profit, coffee is one area that has remained strong.

Customers are getting more knowledgeable about the coffee they drink, and as such are starting to favor the smaller, specialist independent coffee shops as opposed to the bigger high street chains.
If you are one of these types of businesses then you’re in luck, here are a few ideas to help your business grow

Some Tips On How To Increase Sales In Your Coffee Shop:

Expand your menu 

as more people become aware of the different types of coffee beans and their origins, customers are becoming more and more adventurous, trying new things. Having a coffee of the month, or a ‘guest blend’ is a great idea and this way you can decide which is most successful.

Be different

When it comes to the products you offer, look at what your rivals have to offer and go for something that is a twist on this, or that they haven’t thought of. A specialty coffee that you can’t get anywhere else (maybe a Super-frappe-mocha-cappuccino) is a great way of setting yourself aside from the competition. Try different ideas, and when something works then continue it as a regular product.

Reward Loyalty 

You can increase sales in your coffee shop, by rewarding loyalty from your customers. A loyalty card encourages repeat visits, which in turn creates hype about your business within your customers’ social circles.

Build Up Your Online Presence 

Use social media to connect with your customers and interact in a friendly manner. Adding a bit of fun and personality to your brand makes you more accessible and can tempt locals who have or haven’t visited you to do so.

Buy Wholesale Coffee 

One option is also to look into making your products cheaper than your rivals, by sourcing your coffee and other vital supplies from an online coffee wholesaler can reduce your costs considerably, which can be passed onto your customer without affecting your profit margins.

The Most Important Factors of Boosting Coffee Shop Profits

The most important thing to do is to do plenty of research into what will work in terms of your audience and the location that you are operating in.

Coffee buyers offer great deals on wholesale coffee, tea, syrups, and more and can help your business thrive in times of austerity, and help you beat the recession!

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