Do Your Housewife Wear Apron in the Kitchen


Aprons seem to make a good comeback. As a housewife, do you wear an apron in the kitchen If you are not a hostess, do you think housewives should wear kitchen apron (I kind of think they are cute on housewives)

I wear an apron and I do consider myself housework. I wear it so I do not find food on my clothes. I bought a home because my grandmother always had one in his kitchen and it seems fair that if one of the benefits you get when you equip your kitchen. There are cute and fabulous too.

The apron should be allowed to wear something, I suppose. This is not the best but it does look cute.

Not really

I think they are cute too I do not even know where to buy one (a)

Too much like Pleasantville waste! It’s so 50

I only wore an apron on vacation when I’ve been cooking a great meal. The deck was an accent to my clothes as well as practical. I am a member of Fly babies and I just ordered a denim jacket with pockets of long ago to the website about what platform to use. I can relate to any of my clothes while I clean or cook, but still, look trendy and keep my clothes as clean. Personally, I do not back deck and I do not think they are “cute” for everyday wear.

Just my opinion

Holiday aprons only. They serve two purposes. A: cover your clothes so as not to derail everyday cooking. Two: they are festive when you wear one with the holiday specified in this regard.
The aprons are very cute.

Wow, I thought the question said that the housewife wills you watch porn….. Oh and to answer the question from my mother don’t you’re wearing an apron (in his son)

I am a “home” I would call it a “housewife” but I aprons, but I always forget to wear them until something projected on me. But if I could remember to wear I would wear every time I cooked.

But only for the kitchen, I know that women of the 50s wore all day for all their work home. I do not think it’s a great idea, but it might be because back in the day were more decks of fabric and clothing of the article, today they are made of thicker material than isn’t every day for the port, just for cooking.

I am not a housewife, but I do cook a lot. Rather than wearing an apron to protect the beautiful clothes from flour and fat, I just wear an old pair of jeans and a t-shirt I do not care. Same thing when I do spring cleaning. Well, maybe if I were having dinner or Thanksgiving I wear an apron cute.

No, I do not wear

If the woman is going to let a man rule and suck butt, then maybe she would wear an apron. I think that wearing an apron should be when you’re messing with flour for baking or something. Not all the time!

I did not wear an apron and pearls with my dress when I do my housework.

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