Creamy Easy Vegan Chocolate Protein Healthy Food for Overnight Oats


Alright, so that was kind of a long name for what is actually such a simple recipe. I thought about putting the words easy in there as well as this recipe couldn’t make your life or mornings any easier. It can also make your mornings tastier, creamier, and yummier because if you start your day with this chocolaty bad-boy you aren’t going hungry or craving naughty stuff for hours.

Oh, did I mention that this recipe is also healthy?  Obviously it is. Because I never eat unhealthy stuff and always make the right choices of food to nourish my body and keep me fit and clean inside.

That sounded so good I almost believed it too. Because straight honestly, I don’t. I do eat fries sometimes. I do eat burgers. I do eat chips with salsa. And I do eat (a lot of) chocolate. It’s always the vegan way of course, but I still know that it’s not the perfect choice for my training and my body.

So to make up for that naughtiness I invent something like this that I can eat in the morning after a good workout (or just after a long night’s sleep) and then I feel alright, perfect and healthy again and it’s all cool.

I had almost forgotten about overnight oats actually. I am not quite sure how it happened but it happened and it was wrong and for the past couple of days I have apologized to myself and my taste buds for having done so.

My taste buds forgave me pretty quickly but to really make it up to myself I decided that I had to measure out the ingredients and share it with everyone else so that no one ever forgets about overnight oats again especially these chocolate overnight oats because chocolate makes any morning better. And only having a single bowl to clean up instead of 2 or 3 really makes a difference on those rush days too.

Plus the fact that you could actually bring this on the go if you are in a serious hurry, eat it even when you get up 5 minutes before you have to be out the door or right after you get home from your morning-workout without having to do any cooking.

For all those reasons I just stated above I really still can’t believe I forgot about overnight oats…. I honestly don’t know what went wrong with me.

So the recipe calls for a protein powder to add extra protein to the meal and as I lift weights and do other fun workout-stuff I care somewhat about getting my protein in. I heard somewhere too that protein keeps you fuller for longer as well but I still feel hungry every half-hour so pretty sure that myth is bullshit.

Either way, adding the protein powder will give it flavor as well so I suggest you add it but if you do not have any you could leave it out. Just make sure you don’t go protein deficient as a lot of vegans have died from not getting enough protein in their diet. Just kidding…. Maybe


55 gr. of oats

–  2 tbsp Chia Seeds

– 1 ½ tbsp cacao powder

– 1 scoop of Body-lab rice protein powder

-3 tbsp Soy Yogurt

-150 ml. water

In a bowl or Tupperware (depending on if you are bringing it on the go) mix together oats, chia seeds, cacao powder, and rice protein powder now add the soy yogurt and the water and mix it all around nicely so that all the dry ingredients have been properly soaked in the wet. Cover the bowl with some tin foil or your Tupperware bowl with the lid.

Leave in the fridge overnight and take it out in the morning to eat straight out the bowl or on the go. I like to throw berries, banana, shredded coconut, date syrup, and almonds on top to make it extra delicious and fresh. But you could eat them as they are as well. There is chocolate either way so it really doesn’t matter.

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