Cookie Casa Bakery Pumpkin Best Dessert Bar


On a recent October trip to Chicago, as I stood outside in that weird 33 degrees half snow/half rain stuff, I was reminded why I love fall in Los Angeles. LA has the same smell in the air (what I’ve been told by scientists is rotting leaves), the same midafternoon sunsets, the same wonderful desserts.

However, the nip in the air here is 62 degrees, not 22. That’s my kind of fall! Today, I cherish my pleasant fall and take a nice walk, where I stumble upon Cookie Casa Bakery, which has a friendly-looking outside, a bubbly logo, and a few patio tables and chairs. Dessert attack!

Inside it is very small, but with lots to choose from. Since they have the word ‘cookie’ in their name I look over their vast cookie options, but it is the fall, and their Pumpkin Bar looks really good.

This bar is large, like large enough to shame any piece of coffee cake. It has several layers and topped with an oat crumble that looks similar to that of a Dutch apple pie. The dense layer of pumpkin pie filling is good with a strong pumpkin flavor and just the right amount of sweetness. The ‘crust’ is a dense layer of oats and honey. It’s not crumbly or crunchy like the average crust, but it works well for this bar.

As I eat through this bar, that really great pumpkin flavor on the first bite wears a little. Much like a pumpkin spice latte, the pumpkin flavor does not hold up. Pumpkin flavor, in general, while unique, is forceful in its demeanor and never lets up. It’s why I never have more than a bite or two of pumpkin pie.

That being said the oath, nutty; honey flavors really help this bar and push it WELL above the average pumpkin pie. I did enjoy the many consistencies of the bar, and that chewy honey ‘crust’ is spectacular and really ties the whole bar together. I’d love to see this crust on some more traditional crusted desserts.

This fella’s big size plus the overly strong pumpkin flavor equals a dessert best shared with others. And now to tie it all together, like this dessert autumn is a time best shared with others enjoying the crisp air and specialty fall dessert. And as long as you’re going to be spending time with friends, check out Cookie Casa which has a lot of tasty options.  I’m happy to have stumbled onto them, and look forward to my next trip.

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