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So you probably already know how there is a million healthy living lifestyle- and food blogs out there rambling about great healthy recipes, motivation for workouts, the benefits of eating broccoli and why going to the gym is so great for you.

It seems like the words healthy and blogging has taking the amount of teenage girls who post about healthy diets and deep squats to a whole new level, at least in Denmark. And I guess I am just another one of those but then again not really.

First off, I am a Danish person blogging in English – annoying, right? Well maybe not if you only know English but if you are a Danish person reading this you are probably thinking I should pull myself together and just make a Danish blog; especially if you hear me speaking English too.

I have this totally adapted Yankee-accent that makes everyone think I am American and I would be a great candidate for The Hills or some other stupid reality program where they speak through their nose and say like after every single word. Like Paris Hilton would like totally talk on like all her interviews, like do you follow me, like isn’t that like super annoying, like for real?

Second off, I am not a teenager. I am 22-and-something and even though I am the oldest I have ever been I am probably the youngest at heart and mind that I have ever been as well. I feel that ever since I switched to a completely plant-based diet and started being more in touch with my childish side, which also meant letting loose in the game of making me seem so perfect, I have been a lot happier.

Like a lot A LOT happier. I also say childish side, because I don’t think it is perfectly accurate to say “I don’t give a fuck anymore”-side as frankly, I do give a lot of fucks. A lot more fucks than I used to. And I already said the f-word 3 times on my first thinking– is that even legal on here? Shit.

Anyway, I am not literally giving out fucks (as that would be kind of gross), but I do in the sense of caring for my health, the environment, the coming generations, the animals, the earth and my fellow human beings. I believe in tolerance, fighting and standing up for what you believe is right while showing mutual respect and understanding the wholesomeness of the life we are lucky to have be given.

Actually, Gandhi’s quote: “be the change you wish to see in the world” have been my daily motivation and basis for all bigger actions in my life for the past 4 months – and will continue on being for the rest of my life.

That last part just made me sound like the typical annoying halo-cleaner who has seen the light and now knows best, right? And adding to it that I am planning on attending law-school this fall so one day I can become a lawyer fighting for human rights worldwide probably just qua-doubled the annoyingness. I actually thought about naming the blog “The Annoying Vegan” but someone already had a blog with that name, so I guess us vegans just know that we are kind of an annoying species.

I mean, we always have to ask what is in the dishes, we want a separate menu at the restaurants, we don’t eat milk-chocolate, we cry and vomit watching “Earthlings”, make all our friends watch “Forks over Knives”, believe in the power of broccoli and some of our most excited moments and memories after converting to veganism are probably connected to walking into a giant fruit-market, holding a baby-piglet or cuddling up with a big bowl of ice-cream. I know what you are thinking; boring weirdoes. But we really aren’t boring weirdoes! At least I am not.

Third and last off, I am not annoying in the sense of preaching my own perfection and my endless advice of how living a healthy, conscious and fit lifestyle is the easiest thing in the world. I used to be actually. But then I realized that I am not perfect (tough one to admit!) and that having self-irony, smiling, laughing and not taking life (and yourself) all too serious all the time is a lot more fun.

However, do not confuse the self-irony, jokes and fun with stupidity and indifference. I am very aware of the seriousness of change that this world is in need of and I can be quite serious if I want to. But I also believe that you should promote what you love rather than bashing what you hate and that inspiring through positivity and humor can be much more effective than preaching and pointing fingers.

So most of the time I enjoy laughing, making, eating and taking pictures of (a lot of) food, lifting heavy weights, (attempting) yoga, reading books, doing volunteer work for Human Rights Education, dancing to loud music, having deep thoughts about life and the universe, wearing animal-printed socks, scrolling on instagram and hanging with my friends and family – all while trying to make the world a better place.

Because I believe that is it possible to make this world a better place for everyonewithout having to feel deprived, becoming the next Nelson Mandela or just being marked as an outsider or weirdo. And I guess if I do end up being marked as a slight weirdo, so be it! No one likes ordinary anyway.

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